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Garden Planting Service

Plant & Deck recommends using certain types of garden plants for different looks.

We can cater for all areas such as Newport, Edgmond, Telford, Shrewsbury, Tibberton in Shropshire.

Beautitul garden using bark decking & patio.
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A well designed and carefully chosen planting scheme will add the finishing touch or wow factor to your garden. Unfortunately, many gardens are filled with randomly chosen plants from the garden centre – some may survive and thrive but others may not and a cohesive result is always frustratingly out of reach year after year.

It is worth taking some time to think about your overall aim for your garden – How will you use it? How much time are you willing to spend on maintenance? What sort of look do you want to achieve? What is your budget?

You may have considered some of the following planting options:

  • Low maintenance
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Water garden/ponds
  • Scented garden
  • Colour scheme –bold or muted
  • Cottage style planting
  • Contemporary planting

Raised planters are being incorporated more into the garden as they offer an ideal space in which to grow your own vegetables and fruit and can make looking after your crops much easier and more enjoyable. (see also Kitchen Garden)

We can carefully incorporate your requirements into your existing garden design, taking into account size, situation and aspect.

Raised planters can come in all shapes and forms and can be constructed from a wide variety of materials including timber, stone and brick to suit your chosen style and space.

At Plant and Deck we can provide a design and planting service for a simple border or an entire garden planting project. If you have chosen a planting design, we will be happy to carry out the planting to your specifications and if you require any advice along the way, we will be happy to provide it.

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