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Fencing & Gates

Plant & Deck's landscape gardeners can offer garden fencing for your garden.

We can cater for all areas such as Newport, Edgmond, Telford, Shrewsbury, Tibberton in Shropshire.

Beautitul garden using bark decking & patio.
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Compared to hedges, fencing makes an instant boundary. There's no waiting for anything to grow and they take up a lot less space. However, there is an element of maintenance once a fence has been up for a few years.

Creosote is no longer available as a protective method so you will need to apply a coat of one of the many clear or coloured specialist fencing preservatives in order to prolong the life of the timber. Fences make a significant impact on the character of a garden. Therefore it is important to choose the one that will complement the style of your outdoor space.

Essentially there are six different types of fencing:

  • Post and rail – these are used to enclose paddocks in rural areas. The rails slot into or are nailed to the posts, leaving a lot of open space, which is good for establishing a boundary but not as successful at providing privacy or shelter. These can be used as the base for attaching willow panels or bamboo roll.
  • Picket – these can look neat and provide an effective boundary. The gaps filter the wind, making the fence less prone to being blown down.
  • Trellis screens – not generally strong enough to use as boundaries but are ideal for dividing up the space within a garden. There are many styles to choose from – diamond or square lattice panels, curved or arched and they can also be used to construct simple garden structures.
  • Hazel hurdles – these look very rustic but they tend to dry out and become brittle and therefore have a short life-span – four to six years is the average. Their life can be extended by spraying with a fence preservative.
  • Willow, bamboo and heather – like the hazel hurdles, these natural products have a limited life-span and require a strong support behind them. Essentially they provide a decorative layer to a more substantial, everyday structure such as a fence or wall.
  • Panel fencing – these can last 20 years depending on the type and whether they are used in conjunction with concrete posts and gravel boards. They may not be as attractive as other options but there is still a wide choice of pre-made panels to suit your garden style – overlap, feather-edge, concave and convex top are the most common.

Gates are also available to match the various styles of fence panels above. Should you have a gap that requires a non-standard size gate, I can provide a bespoke product using either timber or metal.

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