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Being based in Newport we can cater for all gardens, lawns in Telford & Shrewsbury

Based in Newport we cover Telford, Shrewsbury, Edgmond, Tibberton, Hinstock, Shrewsbury & Stafford

Beautitul garden using bark decking & patio.
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Your needs as a person or family will determine the form your garden takes. These may be practical such as providing a lawn for your children to play on or a large patio to entertain or they may be purely visual, as in a Japanese garden. More often than not you will probably strike a balance between various requirements. However the way in which the various elements are put together will have a radical effect on the final look and feel of your garden.

Possible requirements:

  • Family space / children's play area
  • Entertaining area
  • Kitchen garden
  • Quiet relaxation area
  • Lighting
  • Low maintenance planting
  • Garden storage

Other factors that need to be considered when designing your garden are:-

  • Soil type/drainage
  • Budget
  • Aspect/position
  • Existing Features –natural and man-made

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